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By Brilliant MINDS not MINES

Advantages of Lab Diamonds

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Lab Diamonds or Mined Diamonds - they are 100% the same, chemically and physically. The only difference? You're choosing the ethical and sustainable option when you go with lab diamonds. 

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Lovelri's diamonds are socially responsible. There are no conflict diamonds, no cartel pricing, and no depletion of natural resources.

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For the same size and specs, a Lab Diamond can be significantly cheaper than the Mined alternative. Sustainable for the environment and for your wallet while identical as a stone - why not choose Lab Diamonds?

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What are Lab Diamonds?

Lab diamonds consist of the same physical and other properties as mined diamonds and hence have the same quality. The only underlying difference is that one is mined from the earth and one is man-made. It is nearly impossible for the human eye to see the difference. With special equipment, they are being grown mimicking the same natural process that happens beneath the earth’s crust. Lab diamonds cost a fraction of the price of mined diamonds as they are produced in a batch in the lab. However, the equipment to create these diamonds is a substantial investment.

The diamonds that Lovelri offers are directly from the laboratory in North America. This means that customers save on incremental markups that are due to the plethora of middlemen and third parties as part of the traditional value and supply chain of mined diamonds.

Lab Diamonds are created by minds not mines.

Sustainable for the environment and for your wallet.

At Lovelri, we believe buying diamonds does not need to cost a fortune. Our Lab Diamonds are 100% real diamonds - chemically, physically, and optically. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures identical fire and brilliance to mined diamonds as well as the same MOH hardness, providing you with the indistinguishable impeccable quality to that of a PERFECT mined diamond.

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