Our Lab Created Stones - Moissanites

Because you do not need to sacrifice anything for your dream ring

Advantages of Moissanite

moissanite diamonds


Just like a diamond, these strong stones last forever. They will always stay sparkly and won't blur up over the years. Depending on your preference, it can shine even brighter than a diamond (Ask us!)

moissanite diamond rings


Moissanites are built for everyday wear. They are a 9.25 on Mohs scale of hardness - making it one of the hardest substance on earth and scratch resistant!

moissanite diamonds value


Moissanites and diamonds look identical to the average eye. While a perfect 2ct mined-diamond will cost you upwards of $40,000, we offer the perfect 2ct moissanite for much less!


What is a Moissanite?

Moissanite are gemstones from space that were discovered when a meteorite landed on earth, making it the rarest naturally occurring gemstone.  Meanwhile mined-diamonds are more common than many people know, with diamond suppliers controlling production to control prices. Moissanite is also the second hardest gemstone on the planet, making it stronger than sapphire and ruby. 

Moissanite delivers exceptional value as a luxury purchase. It shines just as bright as a diamond, never clouds, and is extremely durable. Moissanite has become more and more popular because of its strikingly similar properties to diamonds, yet being affordable. Do you want a large engagement ring that catches everyone's eye and does not cost "an arm and a leg"? If so, Moissanites are the perfect mined-diamond alternative for you!

Lovelri provides a modern, environmentally and socially responsible alternative to mined-diamond rings. Our company uses the highest quality moissanites (i.e. NEO Moissanites and Charles and Colvard, etc.) to design engagement rings.

"Moissanite gives modern couples the option to show their love without the traditional price tags"

This is a rare gemstone! Not a "diamond simulant"

A lot of brands you see labelled as "high quality diamond-simulants" - typically means it's a CZ (cubic zirconia). CZ looks great when you first purchase it but after a couple of wears, it will be "stained" with all the natural oils you have or by your favourite hand cream and can blur up after a few months.


Moissanites are forever, this means that it has a similar quality to diamonds, where they don't trap oils inside and will continue to sparkle forever. These are pieces you can keep for a lifetime, and even pass on to your children in the future.