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Dream Ring, Dream Property, & Dream Honeymoon?

It's Possible. 

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Lovelri's mission is to alleviate the stress of modern couples

We understand the need to buy a property together, go on the perfect honeymoon, and get the dream engagement ring. We went through the same process and searched for a stone that displayed all the beautiful properties of a diamond, ethically sourced, and would allow us to start our life together as soon as possible – luckily we came across moissanite.


Moissanites are beautiful lifetime gemstones from outer space that looks, feels, and shines as bright as a diamond. They are not CZ (cubic zirconia) and will never cloud or blur - making it the perfect diamond alternative, a forever stone, just as sparkly, for a price that won't make you compromise.


Engagements are the start to your new life together, and should be approached with celebration, not caution.

At Lovelri, we promise to provide you with the most value while using ethically sourced, sustainable, and eco-friendly moissanites that shine so bright you won't be able to take your eyes off it.   Give it some thought - at the end of the day, why not give your loved one the size and sparkle she deserves. 



Our jewellers have had experience from world renowned jewelry houses and made thousands of custom rings. All our rings are crafted in Canada to the highest quality standard and properly inspected before arriving at your door.  We all share a common goal - providing you with the dream ring that you deserve.


We only work with high quality metals and gems. Our pieces are made for you to wear everyday, forever. We hand-pick the top moissanites and we are proud to show you how beautiful these stones can be on our elegant settings. Scared of getting a sparkle bomb? No worries. Lovelri only uses moissanites that have the cut, fire and brilliance that are the most natural.


We are here to provide you with a seamless experience while making this important purchase. In the extremely rare situation where you believe your ring has a defect, we will work with you along the way to make sure you propose with that perfect dream ring!